One million UK professionals join LinkedIn in six months

Over 20 million professionals are now on LinkedIn across Europe and the network has over 85 million members worldwide. Professionals are increasingly adopting LinkedIn as the place to establish and take control of their online professional identity and connect with their network, contributing to LinkedIn’s global growth rate of one new member per second.
Kevin Eyres, Managing Director at LinkedIn Europe describes the new milestones as an important step for LinkedIn and a reflection of how professional networking habits are evolving in the UK and across Europe.
“LinkedIn is fast becoming the home of professional networking online. We work in a networked world in which good business ideas and intelligent insights aren’t restricted by geography and where easy access to valuable resources is helping people make better business decisions. Being part of the largest professional network gives our members access to a world of potential contacts, leads, information sources, business partners, employers and employees both at home and abroad with instant access from their desktop or mobile device.” 
Launched in 2003, LinkedIn now features nearly 700,000 professional groups networking and discussing on common interests. With one million members joining every 10 days, LinkedIn is the world’s largest and fastest-growing place to do business online. The site is currently available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese.
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