Getting to know you: Fil Adams Mercer

What do you currently do?
I am the founder and CEO of the online parcel delivery firm, Parcel2Go.
The focus of my day is really the strategy of the business and organising the right people to be in the right areas to ensure we are going in the right direction. One of the key points I deal with is the politics within the business.
What is your inspiration in business?
Success! Success doesn’t just mean making money (it just so happens that in most instances these come hand in hand) but the success at creating something. When you start any new business it’s almost like having a small child of your own, that you have to nurture and look after and success is seeing something which you’ve created being able to grow.
Who do you admire?
Sam Walmart, no question.
Looking back, are there things you would have done differently?
Yes! I would have put a lot more thought in to opening a chain of green grocers; with hindsight it wouldn’t be something I would ever do again. I lost a lot of personal money which I invested in the business and having to work six days a week from the early hours in the morning through to the evening knowing every day you were losing money was tough.
What defines your way of doing business?
People – people are the number one, two, three (etc) most important aspect in any business no matter what it is, looking after the people in the business is a key defining way of how I look at any business, also morale’s, values are work ethic are key – if you have these three ingredients you will always succeed.
What advice would you give to someone just starting out?
Break the rules – that might sound strange and I’m not saying people should do anything illegal far from it –but to get any new start up off the ground it’s almost impossible to follow every rule and procedure which has been laid down by the government –most of the people laying down these rules have been brought to book over the way they handle their expenses!