Why generic keyword domain names are so valuable to you business marketing

Why generic keyword domain names are so valuable to your business marketing

Some companies are sitting on the sidelines, sticking to their outdated traditional marketing strategies, other companies are quickly gobbling up all the best generic domain names related to their products, services, and locations. Here we explain the power of keyword domains and the role they can play in strategic marketing.

Online Video Marketing: The Small Business Strategy Guide

‘Companies everywhere are recognising that video has become the factor that can provide an edge over the competition’ – the wise words of James Leal-Valias, creative director at iStockphoto, writing for Business Matters a few weeks ago under the title ‘Design for Small Business: Integrating Online into Your Marketing Mix’.

A guide to buying PR services

The economy is starting to see signs of recovery, but are you best placed to capitalise on this in your business or will your competitors beat you to it by gaining valuable media coverage for their goods and services? Taking a quick look at your marketing plans, if you have any, might reveal a gaping hole in publicity, and more important, how you intend to get some.