10 years, 500+ success stories later, more authors than ever can be published

The Book Midwife believes that anyone should be able to get their book to market and with over 500 works successfully published by the company it is such a great time to be celebrating this factor and hopefully many more to come.

However at current a certain raincloud of doubt is surrounding budding authors, what with publishing giants Penguin and Random House merging, it has not only knocked confidence in authors who now believe their chances of getting published has diminished but as a result of this it is unlikely that writers will even start putting pen to paper.

I know for a fact that 90-95% of people start, but never finish their book, and I totally believe that it is entirely possible for them to have their books completed early in 2013 with niche businesses such as my own still booming in growth and looking to help this process be possible. With the Christmas and New Year break just around the corner there’s no better time to get your message into book format.

In these times of weariness in the economy, marketing through a book rather than spending a lot of money through direct marketing and advertising is a sure fire way to get noticed and bring you to the forefront as a thought-leader in your respective business field.

Reflecting over the 10 years of The Book Midwife and recently reuniting with a great percentage of the 500+ people who have released books from us, it has been extremely worthwhile after hearing how their profile and – in turn – business has progressed and opened up so many opportunities for them as a result.

Now is the best time to show yourself as the best thought leader in your field. Authors are not in the deep end yet and there are plenty of opportunities to get your book published quickly so why not take the leap and start displaying your leadership qualities today?


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