Top 5 healthcare mobile apps bringing medical aid at your doorstep

Digital is the era and being digital is what this present era expects from us all.

By last year, nearly half of the global internet traffic was derived solely by mobile apps where a majority of the millennials report that they open any app approximately 1-10 times a day.

The technical advancements are breaking the rules and disrupting the ongoing clinical workflows and processes by providing robust decision making and problem-solving healthcare tools. People are interested in learning these development trends after the introduction of the cloud computing platform which allows them to easily develop and deploy such applications.

One can leverage App Development Training, tutorials, quiz and many more resources accessible over the internet to deeply explore all the steps involved in this trending technology.

From reviewing a patient’s EHR to research on their symptoms, suggesting a doctor’s visit or fixing the medical appointments all are made possible with a few taps made on healthcare apps.

5 Best Healthcare Mobile Applications Running Successfully Worldwide


The most commonly heard suffering of people is ‘Diabetes’. People with this disease are usually seen struggling when they run out of glucose tabs or sugar test strips.

Here comes a recommendation for such patients- ‘HelpAround’. It’s a healthcare app which can be well described as a crowdsourced safety net for people facing troubles due to the ailment.

As the name speaks, HelpAround has a motive to serve the people in the best possible way. Once downloaded, you as a user will be connected to the nearby operators who at the time of need might be able to offer supplies or an injection. The app has a good support system, additionally providing suggestions and pieces of advice.


Be it a student or a resident, a nurse or a pharmacist it useful for all those who once install it on their Androids or iPhones.

PEPID is a support or reference app updated on a regular basis helping you at the time of emergencies if any. Doctors with its Symptom Checker feature helps to diagnose patients quickly and nimbly analyzing their symptoms, exam findings, and lab reports.

The app has many automated traits where on signing in, a user’s data is automatically uploaded to the Cloud without any hassle.

Simultaneously, the built-in feature of PEPID also offers profiles of different diseases and aware you about varied medical conditions and treatments from insights given by the American Academy of Emergency Medicine and American College of Emergency Physicians.

The app will not keep letting you get bored with only the content; however,  there are hundreds of reference videos for clinical procedures and physical examinations that keeps you updated in digital forms.


Besides physical and internal sufferings ailments, nowadays people have started considering mental health issues to be a priority which further becomes the reason for other emerging diseases.

If you don’t feel like stepping out of your house but you’re willing to get the treatment for depression or anxiety in-house via an app Talkspace is then your need of the hour.

The app connects you with a therapist inside or outside the four walls of your house making it easier for the user getting specialist’s advice or insights of what to do next.

Talkspace involves a subscription fee, almost negligible, to have access to the service instantly and as per your needs and wants.

The best thing is that matches and links of the user and the consultant are entirely user-based to drive their utmost satisfaction.

Insight Optics

As per World Health Organization, around 285 million individuals on this are visually impaired where the numbers will rise exponentially high in the coming years.

The idea of inventing the app came from the staggering statistics of people where they are at a great risk of vision loss. Insight Optics is a mobile app that provides a special care an eyesight patient need from an ophthalmologist.

The technical application at the backend stores records and patient’s critical information and on examination refers retinal check-up results to a doctor for review.

To record high-resolution images, your smartphone camera is connected to a handheld ophthalmoscope to get accurate and semantic vision outcomes allowing the users to gain valuable insights regarding their eye health.

The feature-rich app of Insight Optics also empowers its operators with information on whether or not they need to see an eye specialist.


People of today pay great attention to their health and fitness where technology sheerly associate them with latest fitness tracking and workout apps and wearable e-devices.

Fitocracy is the go-to-get app for those seeking help to eliminate issues arising from obesity, over-weight and under-weight health concerns.

The creators of the app are those out-of-shape gamers who realized the addictiveness of games and ended up creating Fitocracy that helps provide healthy solutions to an individual’s physical problems.

The app executes with a unique training mechanism where a user logs his/her workout schedule which in turn earn them credits that ultimately helps them progress through the iterative levels.

For being fit, you just need motivation and a spirit to begin and that’s what Fitocracy does.

An outstanding feature of the multiplayer gets you linked with the app’s community where you will come across challengers asking you to break the records and achieve fitness feats.

Over To You

Mobile application development trends are changing the industry norms now and then bringing unexpected revolutions making no stone unturned. The significance of apps is budding at a great speed

Healthcare is that sphere which every marketer wants to make a contribution in while understanding the consumer’s wants and needs and aiming to exceed their expectations.

As things cannot be predicted without analyzing their aftereffects and implications, likewise, you’ll not be able to experience the functionalities and great user-experience these mobile applications serve until you download and make use of them.