The new solution to a common travel issue


Traveling is all about experiences and enjoying your time in a new, undiscovered place. With most travel, comes an unwanted but necessary companion, your luggage.

Hotels and luggage storage companies have dealt with luggage of travelers in centuries, but the market is changing. New players have merged in the field of luggage storage, making it more convenient than ever to drop off your heavy bags.

Luggage Storage – Now in Local shops, Available by the Hour

The Danish company LuggageHero is a sharing-economy concept that let’s travelers store their luggage in a local shop nearby.  The storage locations can be anything from a café to a hotel or even a hotel or a pub.

The common thread is capacity to store bags and the willingness to help out travelers. Travellers pay a low hourly price for the luggage storage, making it flexible and customised to your needs, whether that being a couple of hours before your flight or whole days.

Locations are available close to major stations like Victoria Station and Kings Cross and popular tourists attractions across London. You can either book in advance or on the spot using LuggageHero’s web-app with risk-free booking, meaning you’ll only pay if you actually use the service.

The service is an on-demand online platform currently available in Copenhagen, London and New York with more than 350 locations. By end of 2019 the company expects to be available in 36 new big cities, helping even more travelers across Europe and United States. Some of the first new cities to be set free of luggage struggles include Lisbon, Chicago, Rome and Barcelona.

A Perfect Match for Travelers Not Staying at Hotels

More and more people choose to use Airbnb or other rental services when traveling, making the new luggage service even more relevant as the early checkouts can be a hassle to combine with travel plans like cheap late flights, until now.

Luggage Storage in Stations

Some stations in London have lockers available, but capacity and room in the lockers can be limited. To find more information about luggage storage in London, check out this guide on the topic.