Business reviews on making passive money through online marketing networks

Passive Income: Proven Business Ideas for Your Future

Earn money without working. Is not that the goal of our lives? It is a biological question: to seek the greatest benefit with the least sacrifice.

It is something that surely we will repeat later, but there is a concept that, however hard it may be to believe, most people ignore, and that time is the most valuable asset we have. Everything we buy costs us money. But what is money? How much does it cost? The amount of money we spend on something is the measure of the time it took us to gather the value of that object.

So where are we going with all this? And that’s what Journal Reviews – Passive Income is about: making money while you do not stop doing your daily tasks. A passive income allows you to increase your earnings while you complete your usual work schedule, while doing household chores and even while you sleep!

So, without further ado, we leave you a list with 2 ideas to start a passive income. Choose the one you like the most and start stacking those bills. 

Peer 2 peer lending platforms

This concept has been in practice for a few years and has risen rapidly as one of the best and safest investments.

Peer 2 peer means “person to person”. It is simply a community of users who want to invest their savings with a good return and others who require a loan and do not wish to submit to the rigorous conditions of conventional banks.

It is an excellent choice for both parties. In cases such as we do – an exclusive option for, interest ranges from 8%, with what you can get almost 10 times more than you could get with traditional investments (fixed term, compound interest, etc.) 

These platforms are based on the credit reputation of the clients and assign them interests according to that criterion. The better the reputation the less the interest

It is an excellent investment, with little risk and very good dividends.

Online Teaching

There is something for which we are all experts, and believe me; you can give a course on whatever. If you like sports, if you are a collector of action figures, if you are a painter or writer, whatever you just have to know your trade and start preparing a class itinerary.

It’s simple: just look for some free online courses, think about what it was like when you studied, what it cost you most to learn when you learned what you did, and how was your own learning process. You will see that once you sit down to plan your classes, the whole task will flow on its own. Most of us have a little teacher hidden inside us.

The best thing is that you have different methods to cover all the needs of the students. You should include text manuals, audio classes for those who want to listen while travelling or driving, video lessons, complementary explanations, links with references, etc. Ideally, the package you offer requires as little as possible of particular consultations.

Once you have chosen the way in which you will give your courses, you will be able to choose among the many options that there are to distribute it. You can sell& make passive money through onlinemarketing such as and others. There are also platforms where you can directly upload your course, offering an excellent comfortable and intuitive interface

Once you have everything done, it will be a matter of selling your course and making money while you sleep.

Hope these ideas will work for you and will make your way to “working less and making more money”. Happy earning.