New BT Cloud accounting application launched

BT Business has launched a new web-based accounting application, to replace the complex software blighting smaller firms, forcing their employees to work longer hours.

The launch of Xero, a new online tool designed for firms and their advisors, is supported by new research by BT Business which finds that almost 50 per cent of smaller business staff work extra hours to clear their current workloads, with 41 per cent admitting that they actually waste work time because of poor technology and systems.

How to find the right web hosting service

In a previous post, we mentioned one way to manage your online brand was to set up a personal Web site. To do that, you need to register a domain name and pick a Web hosting service. The sheer number of hosting companies, however, can make selecting one more difficult. Here is a checklist of questions to bear in mind.

10 ways to design a good web site

So you need to build a website and instead of paying a web design company you want to A critical part of this process involves deciding how you want your Web site to look. We talked to Sean Brown, interaction design director who oversees the layout of the company’s and Web sites, to offer some design dos and don’ts.

BT Serves-up Wi-Fi at Starbucks

BT have announced a new relationship with Starbucks Coffee Company to provide Wi-Fi across more than 650 Starbucks coffeehouses in the UK and Ireland. The first stores will have the service installed this week and the roll out will be completed by the end of the summer 2009.

Keeping down the cost of using your mobile abroad

Whilst we are sure that President Obama doesn’t have to worry about the cost of using his now famous BlackBerry during his current european tour many business owners heading abroad for Easter do. With this in mind Ofcom has produced a video to help travellers keep their mobile phone costs down while travelling.

The video says that while wireless broadband dongles and smart phones are popular to use, downloading data can be very expensive when abroad.

Head in the clouds – a beginner’s guide to cloud computing

Cloud computing (also sometimes known as Software as a Service or SaaS) has been widely heralded as a development that will fundamentally change the way businesses and individuals use technology. Historically, the software that enterprises depend on to do business (for example databases or word processors) has always taken the form of applications that users install on individual computers, paying a licence fee for their use. Cloud computing, however, turns this model on its head by making these applications available through the browsers we use to surf the Internet either for free, or for a monthly charge.

Thinking about switching to VOIP

As a result of increased broadband penetration, advancements in VoIP technology and escalating business costs due to harsher economic conditions, more businesses than ever before are looking at VoIP telephony solutions to secure a reliable, cost-effective alternative to legacy telephone services, whilst future-proofing their communication strategies for next-generation Unified Communications at the same time.

Business alternatives to the iPhone

Technology to help business travellers work on the move is progressing rapidly, and the launch of the new 3G iPhone is likely to push the trend even further. With this in mind, Oliver Chivers, Head of Business Marketing at T-Mobile UK, suggests some alternative business devices to catch the eye of those who want to make the most of working on the move, without leaping on the iPhone bandwagon.

Public WiFi security tips

Access to the Internet via public “hotspots” is growing and will continue to grow as more and more hotspots are made available. We have McDonalds offering free Internet access and even Boris Johnson proposing that London becomes a WiFi city, with free WiFi, following the likes of Norwich.