Covve brings CRM to everyone


The term Personal ‘CRM’ is synonymous with varying different types of software on the market, but did you know that roughly 75% of tools used to manage business relationships are actually not CRM’s at all? No? Let me explain.

 Firstly, let me preface this article by intimating a thought; nowadays, are we losing touch with people and lacking in forming meaningful business and personal relationships?

Over the last few years there has been a monolithic boom in software emerging on the tech market with the label of Personal ‘CRM’ or ‘Client Relationship Manager’ and it’s become increasingly apparent that actually, not many of these newcomers or indeed established suites of software, actually manage relationships.

Enter Covve

Covve is a personal CRM tool which at its core quite simply lets you easily manage, maintain and further build business relationships. Founded in 2013, Covve is at the forefront of cultivating innovation when it comes to developing ‘true’ personal CRM software.

What is a Personal CRM?

A Personal CRM is a multithreaded tool that combines elements such as an address book, day planner, reminders, calendars and events and intuitively streamlines ways to handle all areas of communication with your contacts – all of which are regularly updated in real-time.

On the face of it, Covve looks like any other address book, but under the hood it provides a power-house toolkit to cover all of your networking requirements. Need an example? I’m glad you asked! Say you just made an acquaintance with a new person:

  • Firstly, use the Covve app to scan their business card with the powerful AI scanner, which will in turn send back your own electronic card at the swipe of a finger;
  • The new contacts details will then be completed automatically and Covve will scour the web to find as much additional info as it can about your new acquaintance such as news, pictures, social media info etc – the kicker here is that it will continue to scan to ensure the contacts details are always kept up to date (how cool is that?);
  • Covve will keep you abreast of news and information affecting your new-found acquaintance so that you have and excuse to reach out on news about their company, or immediate common ground when you call or meet with them;
  • There will be automatic reminders sent by the app to stay in touch with your contact so that you can build and cultivate your relationship.

What’s more? The app is free to use, with more advanced features reserved for subscribers.

Why is a personal CRM like Covve necessary?

At this juncture, many people question why they actually need a personal CRM and my answer would be very straight forward; they help nurture todays contacts into tomorrow’s loyal customers. Relationships are the key building block to success, so it stands to reason, building solid foundations here is absolutely essential.

When it comes to things like long-term growth, forging new relationships and strengthening existing ones is pivotal to a far-sighted strategy that has longevity – and that’s where Covve really adds value.

The benefits of using a personal CRM

 The unique perceived organisational benefit of using a personal CRM is enormous and the benefits are clear. Here are some key highlights:

  • Encourage new relationships and transform them into data-comprehensive contacts;
  • Store all contact info, history and past communication;
  • Categorising contacts in a plethora of different ways including things like locations, tags, companies and roles;
  • Organise schedules, tasks and keep on top of meetings;
  • Maintain communication with contacts and cultivate meaningful relationships;
  • Keep your finger on the pulse with what’s going on with your contacts;
  • Unified and quickfire access to all contact means – including your contacts social media information;
  • See all important info and past engagement.


 The world is ever increasing in pace and as such it’s hard to maintain and grow the relationships we forge for the better. Utilising a tool such as Covve isn’t just a step in the right direction for efficiency, but it’s step in the right direction of formulating a successful future.