Is Faxing Still Relevant for Your Business?

fax machine

Legalities and Identity Authentication
Faxing is still one of the preferred modes of business communication, especially among organisations which deal with tons of paperwork and bounded by a number of legalities. For example, there are certain companies that require contracts to be printed out and signed physically as opposed to electronically. Email signatures are rarely legally binding, hence the need to print out a copy of a document and sign it by hand. This is especially true for a lot of businesses in the healthcare and procurement industry. Further, creating a fake identity over email is not rocket science that can lead to fraudulent business transactions.

Giving Fax Technology a 21st Century Overhaul
The indispensability of faxing has prompted the creation of using technologies that would make it more suitable to how businesses communicate today. The solution came in the form of fax over Internet or email/fax technology, such as eFax. This gives businesses the capability to send and receive facsimiles via email. Subscribers are assigned a fax number, which can be a geographic, local, freephone or toll free number. There are packages that come with fax software, which is not essential, but gives users additional messaging features. This relatively new technology also cuts down business operations expenses by eliminating the need to stock on paper and toner. There are even providers that give out a certain number of free fax messages to their customers.

While bringing down costs, online faxing increases reliability with messages being transmitted via a more reliable and secure network. Further, facsimiles can now be sent and received anywhere through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as long as internet connection is accessible.

Faxing is Here to Stay
Communication technologies have come and gone, but clearly, it’s not yet time for faxing to go. It has undeniable benefits not present in newer forms of business communication. What makes traditional machines outdated are the inefficiencies associated with them. However, the need to transmit documents quickly will always be there. Internet fax through eFax solves these inefficiencies by streamlining faxing over the internet.