10 Sales Lessons from 2013

2013 was an interesting year for many salespeople and business owners I’ve been speaking with. Whilst some had a successful year, many others were grateful for making the sales they did, and some were grateful to make it through the year. There are some interesting lessons in terms of sales and sales tactics, things we should all learn from whether we’re a salesperson, sales manager, director or business owner, so follow the tips below and watch your sales soar in 2014!

Send Me A Proposal: 7 Things You Must Do First

I’m often astounded when someone says “send me a proposal” or “can I have a price on that” to a salesperson, who then go away and work on a proposal or quotation and blindly send it off to the prospect, just assuming it’s going to go ahead. These same salespeople are the ones that wonder afterwards why they never hear from that prospect ever again.