Why Is thought leadership necessary?

Our planet and society are facing enormous, unprecedented challenges that only new thinking will resolve. It is more important than ever to embrace new thinking; therefore we need potential thought leaders to step up to the plate and deliver their best ideas in the most effective and impactful ways!
If anything came out of the downturn that started in 2008 and still exists to a large extent, it was the realisation that business levels can plummet fast, causing many people to shut down their business – bigger companies were no safer than smaller ones.
Many companies as a result have become more risk-averse and cautious about decision-making and expenses. This leads to more people choosing to work with the ‘safe bet’, the top leader, the proven solution. That top leader is usually a thought leader as well, showing agility and innovation, and staying ahead of the pack.
The only way you can make sure that you become one of those top leaders is by establishing yourself as a thought leader. But how is it done? Especially in this modern day, when the barrage of information causes us to flit from one thing to another – how can you make sure that your audience is listening to YOU?
I call this a ‘channel hopping’ society, literally where people click through hundreds of channels of information and merely turn to the next when they are no longer stimulated by the first. The immediate danger of this is that people that should be hearing your message are just losing it amidst the other information out there.
So how do you go about making sure your message is heard? Start by establishing yourself though my REAL acronym. Are you Reaching your audience and Engaging with them frequently? Do they in turn see you as an Authority and do you have Longevity?
If you have something to say then make sure that you are standing out in your field. We need a new batch of thought leaders, people who can take our society into the next phase of its evolution and bring the kind of transformation that is so sorely needed. The obvious candidates come from business and government but anybody who is considered to be an expert in their field should think about making sure they stand out from the competition.
In business there is a direct correlation between the position of leading expert in one’s field and increased levels of business and income. In every segment of society – business, politics, science, social innovation or entertainment – there are people who rise to the top of their league and become known for their ideas.
They stand out because they stand for something and they get the attention of the influencers in their area. This, in turn, creates the momentum for a tidal wave of change, spurred on by new insight.