Have James Caan in your pocket for business mentoring & motivation

Caan is a well-known supporter of young entrepreneurs and start-up businesses, and has designed his app – which became the number one business app within two days of its release – to inspire and advise self-starters on their way up the ladder.
He believes that in these tough economic times starting a business is the obvious solution for many who are struggling to find a job, particularly young people. He himself left school at 16 with no qualifications but went on to establish a recruitment business, eventually becoming a multi-millionaire who now invests time and money in others, using his business acumen, experience and insight to support them in the quest for success.
“There are 5 million small businesses in the UK employing 13.7 million people but they will have to grow and employ many more if we are to climb out of the financial downturn,” he said.
“Start-ups will have to be a major growth area. Young businesses are much more nimble and grow quicker than established companies.  It’s where there’s real potential to create new jobs.”
Caan claims that the  “Business Secrets” app, available free for a limited time for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, is almost like having him giving you one-to-one mentoring, using video and audio in a simple to use format.
With just a finger-tap the app provides his business insights on the most common business issues, from hiring staff to managing finances, marketing to expanding overseas, and leadership skills to exit strategy.  It also includes a free audiobook version of Caan’s autobiography.