The importance of customer service

Last month, tailoring company Sartoriani went into liquidation. In June 2008, they were famed for winning a very public battle to use the word ‘bespoke’ to describe their garments.
We recognise that this is a really tricky situation for Sartoriani customers; they designed and ordered a suit that they love and now they may not be given the chance to show it off. A Suit That Fits have been helping Sartoriani customers by taking over their previously unmanned inbound enquiries to ensure that Sartoriani customers are kept up to date on developments from the receivers and, although A Suit That Fits have not bought the Sartoriani name or taken over the business, we are making plans to buy any suits that have been made by Sartoriani so as to ensure that these customers are fitted with their new suits. 
Although there will be an administrative charge to cover the cost of recovery and fitting, this will at least allow former Sartoriani clients to recover some of their orders. Sartoriani customers are welcome to visit a Style Advisor at one of our 27 studios and receive a fitting for their new suit.
We’ll also, of course, be making sure our own loyal customers orders will continue to be delivered with the high level of customer service already offered, and that their orders will be completed before any orders that were not originated through A Suit That Fits.
We’re really looking forward to delighting customers with their new suits and ensuring that we help in the best way we can – we know how important a new suit is to a customer.