It’s not pushiness, it’s business

A lot of my clients come to me because they feel they’re lacking the assertive chops they need in order to sell themselves and their businesses.

Creative business owners who need to push more can be spotted in this one phrase:

“I’m worried about being too pushy.”

So, here’s something to help console you. If this is you and you hear yourself saying it, you are not too pushy.

I love seeing my clients spotting new opportunities and acting upon them. That instinct kicks in when, for example, you overhear a conversation between two people on a train and you know you could solve their problem. But shyness, lack of assertiveness, and this desire to not be seen as pushy gets in the way and the opportunity slips through our fingers.

Think of the Sliding Doors version of yourself who would act on the instinct. What’s the worst that would happen? Thanks but no thanks? Sod off? Even if it’s the latter, is it really a big deal? You might just end up with something really special and your business turnover will increase.

Acting on your instinct could bring about that photo shoot you had no idea might be there (yes, if you’re reading this, my client, I’m talking about you), that new coaching client who needs you more than they wanted to admit, that lecturing opportunity, that collaboration…the list goes on.

Constantly worrying about being pushy is like always asking “does my bum look big in this?”; just trust yourself and act on your instincts. As my husband says, shy bairns get no sweets.

Being constantly on the lookout for your own pushy behaviour will not allow you to relax in your business and enjoy the creative process. Being assertive isn’t being pushy, and neither is sharing your passion with your audience in the hope of turning it into pounds.