England lose World Cup final 2-1

A key member of any team, or indeed any member of staff in a small business, being off sick can make all the difference. The Health for Work Adviceline, run by NHS Plus, is now available to help small businesses experiencing the impact caused by staff absence.
Small business owners and managers might never fully realise what impact the physical or mental health of a team member can have on their results until it happens or until it is too late.
The free Adviceline ensures that they can talk to an expert and find out how they can work with an employee to help them reduce absenteeism, to improve morale and to increase productivity.
“The World Cup tends to lift spirits so we should welcome this as an opportunity to increase our feel good factor at work,” says Brian Griffiths from the free Health for Work Adviceline for small businesses.
“If employers are worried about an employee with physical or mental health issues, it is a good idea to step in quickly. By phoning the free Adviceline employers can help their staff to stay in the game, their job, or return to work sooner after a period of absence.” 
Whether a small business manager or the boss, the line will help support the companies management team and get the results that your business really deserves!
Call 0800 0 77 88 44 or visit www.health4work.nhs.uk for more information.