PRS for Music waive charges for office World Cup viewing

New customers who do not hold a PRS for Music licence can qualify for a free trial, enabling staff to switch on TVs and radios throughout the World Cup to watch the games and also enjoy music in their workplaces. 
Keith Gilbert Director of Public Performance Sales said “We know many businesses will want to watch the games together and the World Cup is such a special event for the nation.  We want to help people enjoy this shared experience and not have to worry about getting a licence for this one off period.   We think that when they realise the benefits of having TVs and music in their workplaces they’ll want to make it a permanent fixture.” 
In a study conducted in 2009, 71% of employees said they would like to be able to listen to music at work.  Of those, 74% claim they would enjoy going to work more when music they enjoy is being played.
PRS for Music represents 65,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers, collecting and paying royalties when their music is played, performed or reproduced.   Many of its members earn a vital living for their creative talent through television plays of their music both in the UK and internationally.  
In order to apply for the free trial, companies need to contact PRS for Music on 0800 694 7332.  PRS for Music will contact the business at the end of the trial period to see if they wish to continue using music, but there is no obligation to do so.