6 reasons why online courses are outperforming traditional learning

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You know we’re at the cusp of change when online education beats traditional school education. Which is exactly what’s happening right now.

According to various researches, students taking courses or classes online outperform the students getting a traditional education. Sure, right now, a certificate from a virtual university doesn’t hold much value as compared to the degree from a renowned institute but that is changing as well.

Not only are people changing their impressions of online courses, but employers are seeing online education as a way to open up career opportunities for millions. Some employers hire students right out of the gates from online courses. There are a fair amount of employers also urging their employees to take part in online courses to better their education. Many have groups to allow for online communities of learning through Participate. It brings all the employees closer together knowing they all completed the same course through online learning.

It is Staggeringly Cheaper

We all know university is expensive but we’re all underestimating exactly how much. According to statistics, in 2018 almost 69% of the students  took loans while studying and graduated from university with an average $29,800 debt, in United States alone. This rate is even higher in developing countries where education is scarce and expensive.

Apart from the tuition fee, students need funds for dorms, textbooks and living expenses too, which makes traditional education further expensive. However, online courses are available at much cheaper and affordable prices. For instance, you can take humanities classes online for less than $100 with the added flexibility of completing it at your own pace. The additional expenses such as dorms and textbooks are also eliminated.

Online institutes offer a vast diversity in courses

Majority of the traditional schools and universities only offer degrees in popular fields that have good scope. Not to mention that they are overcrowded and students might not get admission in the course of their choice. On the other hand, if you visit Learning Cloud, you’ll realize that online education offers a vast diversity in courses. It spans various topics, ranging from completely practical to utterly theoretical. There are also some unconventional and weird courses you can take if you’re interested.

The convenience factor is great

In traditional schools, you have to be in class on time in every situation. It doesn’t matter if it’s heavily raining or the temperature is several degrees below zero, absence from class has consequences. Not to mention that you have to follow a dress code and conduct yourself in a certain way. But with online classes you don’t have to worry about any of these. You can attend classes from the comfort of your home while wearing your pajamas and lying in your bed with coffee in hand, regardless of the weather outside.

More learning – less distraction

Sometimes you’re just not in the mood to take a lecture or you might be too sick to attend classes. Regardless, absence from class in traditional schools mean you’ve missed out on that lecture forever. But with online courses, you’ll always have the lecture on your computer. You can pause it if you’re not feeling well and restart it some time else. You can also watch it countless of times if you don’t understand a concept. It is learning in an environment you control that is free of distraction.

It promotes Self- discipline

Probably one of the biggest downside of online education is the control it gives students. People are concerned that it promotes bad habits in them, makes students lazy, undisciplined and cuts them off from society. While these concerns cannot be dismissed completely, it is true that online education is for people who actually want it.

Not everyone is privileged enough to get admission in a top university and pay exorbitant fees. But people who want to pursue education without restrictions of age, gender and location, online education is best for them. It makes them self-disciplined, teaches them time management, multitasking, technology and various other skills.

Best for students who need to work full-time

One of the biggest pros about online education is that you can keep your full-time job while also studying for a degree. Students who are down on their luck and cannot afford to quit their jobs can take online classes in their free time. This increases their chances of a better career and a brighter future.