6 things that make a successful entrepreneur in this ever-changing world of business

happy entrepreneur

The world of business is cruel and unforgiving. One mistake and you’re out.

Unless you have the passion and perseverance to start all over again.

There are may factors that make a successful business and even more that make a successful businessman. A successful business is a team effort and it’s the leader’s responsibility to make that happen. Needless to say, the role of being a leader is a tough one.

Ask anyone, what makes a great businessman? What makes a successful entrepreneur? Their first answer would be confidence and charisma, passion, vision and innovativeness. No doubt all these traits are necessary and admirable, but there are some other things that are equally important. Let’s take a look at these.


Innovation is great. But once you have a product out in the market, it soon loses it’s so-called newness. Your competition see flaws in your product and remedy them, making your product better and eventually outselling the original. In this case, you need to change and adapt your business according to the demand. Trends are constantly shifting and it’s your job to satisfy the customers. So, be flexible and change with the time if you want to succeed in the business world.

Communication and Networking skills

One of the important aspect of building a new business is marketing. Advertisement is great but it’ll only get you so far. It might generate traffic towards your business but turning it into paying customers is your job. Therefore, communication skills are a necessity in business. Be a smooth talker but no so much that you come out as fickle and arrogant. Do not make big promises if you can’t keep them. Be articulate in what you can deliver and when.

Self management

People like to believe that putting others before oneself is the way to go. However, that is not quite true. You first need to take care of yourself. Sure, people might commend you for being selfless and they’ll soon walk over you. On the list of traits businessmen shouldn’t have, naivety is at the top.

In the world of business, you need to be self-aware and have impeccable self management skills. Take care of your diet, exercise regularly, be in perfect physical and mental health. As a leader, these things are part of your job. No one would follow a disorganized, naïve and somewhere fanatic man who only has visions of future and the idea of the next big thing in hand.


Selflessness isn’t good and neither is selfishness. A leader has to think about everyone and be perspective. Gathering the whole team on one table and deciding on one thing with so many differences of opinions is difficult. Cooperation is the key here. Do not dismiss anyone’s idea without properly hearing it. It makes them feel invalidated, which is toxic for your team, especially if you’re just starting one.

It is not to say that your job is to preside over things like a lord, and make the right decision. No, you need to get involved in the process without being intrusive in a way that enhances productivity. Be the link that connects your organization.

Emotional Intelligence

Up until a few years ago, being cold and calculative were the qualities most wanted in a businessman. However, it turned the business world into a giant inanimate being that only talks in jargon and cares only about profit.

The landscape has changed now. Validation and warmth are priorities for not only customers but also employees. If you want to become a successful businessman, then emotional intelligence is a must. Don’t see your employees as no-name worker bees and customers as walking-talking currency notes. Be sympathetic towards their needs and lend an understanding ear to their problems.


The fact is, you’re going to fail, at least once if not multiple times. It’s up to you whether you want to continue or give up.  The secret to running a successful business is determination and resilience. If you made a mistake, don’t take losses to heart. Learn from it but don’t dwell in it. Getting up after falling down repeatedly is what makes a great businessmen in these times.