How teens can kick start their entrepreneurial dreams


Many young people hear incredible success stories and think it’s easy to become an entrepreneur, but the fact of the matter is that it’s a long, tough road to success and many ideas fall at the first hurdle.

A lot of it is down to luck and chance, but there are many ways that young people looking to start their journey as an entrepreneur can boost their chances of success.

 Go Looking For Inspiration

In today’s packed business market, budding entrepreneurs need to find a unique idea that’ll really stand out and help them to make a name for themselves. This takes time and inspiration, so look out for new ideas everywhere you see them. In every job you take and every new experience you enjoy, try to figure out if there’s a new way to streamline anything and if this could be commercially marketed. Not every idea is a good one, and the start-up market is littered with costly failures, so make sure that you find an initial idea that will really stand out and is commercially viable.

Go out Into The World

One of the best ways to get the inspiration and experience you need is to get out there and see the world. This may involve travelling to far-flung destinations or even getting a job and learning first-hand how the business world works. Find a career that suits your entrepreneurial aspirations and work hard to excel in it so that you can understand the corporate landscape and how it can be improved. Take every opportunity that your new job offers you so that you can rise as high as possible and learn everything there is to know about your chosen market.

Go To University

Studying for a degree is a great way to learn about the business market, network with potential future contacts and gain vital life skills. Consider a vibrant and student-friendly university city like Birmingham, and find some accommodation that has lots of facilities, for instance the Birmingham Collegiate building, which has a residents’ club lounge where you can meet potential future business contacts, a study room where you can hone your business knowledge and an exclusive dinner party room where you can host meetups with potential collaborators.

Go To Others For Support

When you have an idea, you’re going to need money and expertise to help it to really take off, so look for collaborators who are willing and able to support you and help you to take your idea to market. Look for someone you admire in the business space and see if they’ll agree to collaborate with you or be your mentor. Alternatively, look closer to home and see if you can find someone you know currently who will be happy to help you and share their knowledge. Many family friends or local business owners will be happy to share their expertise with budding business owners, so be confident and proactive so that you can find someone to help you to kickstart your career as an entrepreneur.

Photo by Eliott Reyna on Unsplash