Work experience a priority for many students

According to the research, 100 per cent of students aged 12-25 said they want to participate in professional work experience, and over three quarters already have.

Although the desire for work experience is high, students have reported some complaints in the process of getting work placements.

With only a quarter of students reporting that they feel confident in finding work experience themselves, the majority of students want help with the process. 70 per cent of students want a clear process to help them find work experience, yet 60 per cent of students say they are expected to find their own placements.

The research also found that 67 per cent of students are not aware of work experience opportunities in their local community, and only half of the students that were surveyed know how to build employability skills.

Separate research of teachers reveals all teachers believe it is important for students to complete work experience and want more support from government to help students develop employability skills.

Three quarters of teachers believe students would complete work experience if they knew the work experience would lead to employment, and 62 believe students would complete work experience if they knew the exact skills they would learn.

85 per cent believe the driving factor for students to do work experience is for them to develop employability skills and 42 per cent think the opportunity to network.

MyKindaFuture corporate research also revealed that 80 per cent of business’ already run a work experience programme with all having a set structure in place, and a further 80 per cent do see value in running a program. All stated the lack of resource is the main barrier for business to run work experience, and 80 per cent believe the government have responsibility in supporting businesses.

William Akerman, Managing Director, MyKindaCrowd said the research highlights the importance for young people to look for work placements.

“We have over 40 years experience of working with young people across the country and we know they want to connect with employers and understand more about the career opportunities on offer.

“We also understand that businesses want to ensure they are inspiring and recruiting the next generation of talent. We are confident that MyKindaFuture can be the bridge between these two ambitions and ensure that the skills needs of the UK continue to be replenished to meet future growth.”