The Business GP Appointment One

When I travel around dealing with the many businesses I do there is a common ‘first’ question, especially with new start businesses.  How do you turn a ‘good idea’ in to a ‘good business’?  It is a fascinating fact that only 1% of good ideas see it beyond the dream space inside the architects head.  The simple reason is that they cannot find a way to simply articulate what they want to do.

As with sales campaigns, marketing or even PR there are three steps required to deliver results.
1. Message
2. Audience
3. Media

In the context of a new business idea, what is the very simple message that will convey my message to someone.  If someone who is not your target audience gets it then generally that means you have it.  For example Dyson – No bags. No loss of suction.

James Dyson with his famous no bag vacuum cleaners

The second part to consider is your target audience, be that the bank manager, or your end customer, we all take in messages differently and by understanding who you are targetting will help you craft the message correctly.

Finally the media.  If it is your bank manager, chances are a big business plan, and presentation.  However a product targetted at senior executive working professionals in the corporate world might be best targetted at the Radio 4 business programming in an evening.

By keeping the approach simple, you can easily cut through the noise and get to treating the causes quickly and efficiently.  If there are any particular questions that you would like me to cover please do forward ideas to me at I look forward to our next surgery session