Small businesses can double their sales on Black Friday, new research finds

ecommerce black friday

Whilst some consumers begin to shun big businesses’ Black Friday attempts, small businesses are reaping the rewards from this annual event.

Online stores also enable round the clock shopping, with 50 per cent of sales during Black Friday happening after hours.

With it being simpler than ever before to create and run an online shop, there has been a notable exodus of small businesses from the high street and a dramatic increase in those online.

With the shopping industry booming from this digital movement, it can expect a 55 per cent added increase in shipments across the weekend, thanks to small businesses benefitting from Black Friday.

David Rusenko, CEO of Weebly, said: “Black Friday remains an important date in the small business calendar.

“Whilst many consumers see through larger brands using it as a marketing gimmick, they welcome the genuine discounts and promotions that small businesses offer. With entrepreneurs now being able to create and run an ecommerce store and email marketing campaign from their smartphone, it has never been simpler to participate in the weekend long phenomenon.

It comes as no surprise to see small businesses benefitting from Black Friday, as they take full advantage of all the digital tools at their disposal. Online efficiency is no longer restricted to the tech savvy, and our research indicates that emerging companies can compete with the world’s largest companies in the global marketplace.”