How what you wear can help you go a long way in business

If you’re familiar with shows such as Dragons’ Den and The Apprentice, you’ll already understand the impact a well-tailored suit or dress can have on business performance and perception, and how such outfits can boost confidence and make members feel like they’re part of a team. However, is a smart suit just part of the business furniture, or can dressing in such attire help you progress further within your organisation? Below, we’ve put together four reasons why what you wear can help you get where you want to be in business.

You’ll be meeting industry standards

Depending on the industry you’re working within, you may be required to wear a particular outfit or uniform. For instance, you’re unlikely to see doctors or bank managers wearing a tracksuit to work – just as you wouldn’t expect to see a policeman or lollipop lady dressed up to the nines. The role of uniform can be very important in particular industries – in manufacturing and industrial industries, for example, it’s important to wear high-quality protective clothing, such as Dickies boots.

Clothing can make you appear professional

Donning your best gear can make you appear more professional – and boost how others see you in the workplace, too. According to the Michigan State University, professionals who want to move forward should follow dress codes, opt for quality clothing, take care of your items, use a dry cleaner, accessorise in the right way and invest in a good quality raincoat to use during the colder and wetter months. By perfecting your professional wardrobe and choosing pieces that best reflect your attitudes and the ethos of your business, you will be able to maximise your chances of success.

Clothing offers a sense of belonging

In some working environments, uniforms are offered to ensure everyone looks and feels the same. Such commonness can give you a sense of belonging, and make you feel like you’re part of a team looking to achieve the same goals and ambitions. Whether that’s wearing the same outfit or just opting for the same coloured ties or pinafore dresses, it’s easy to create unity and bring the workforce together – and appear more professional and esngaged as a result.

Smart outfits can give you confidence

If you’re looking to boost your career, then your outfit is everything. Research suggests that wearing smart clothing can give you a confidence boost, which you can use to ask for a promotion or manage your team as you enter a senior position. In contrast, turning up to the office underdressed can have a negative effect on your performance, so always try to find the right dress code before attending a job interview or progressing within the company. The more confident you are in how you look, the better you will be perceived and the more likely you are to land your dream role or promotion.

By taking time out to monitor your outfit choices, you will be able to boost your career and give yourself a head start against your colleagues or business competitors.