Mobile technology could be key to workplace happiness & productivity


Encouraging the use of mobile apps in the workplace could make for happier and more productive employees, according to research by webexpenses. The research found that those using mobile apps at work are 21 per cent more likely to be happier in their jobs compared to those who don’t use apps in the workplace.

With almost half of all employees saying there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done and 22% reporting that it’s difficult to keep on top of their workload, the research shows that the time-saving advantages of mobile apps could have huge benefits for the workforce.

It found that 42 per cent of app users don’t use mobile technologies in the workplace and these ‘un-appy’ employees are missing out. Almost two thirds of people who do use apps at work report that their favourite mobile tools save them time, 39 per cent say they enable them stay on top of tasks and 17% reveal that these apps help to manage finances.

When it comes to time, on average, ‘appy’ employees report that using mobile technology saves them almost an hour-and-a-half a week, which adds up to over six business hours over the course of a month. Over half say this is down to apps enabling them to do work on the go, and 43 per cent acknowledge that mobile apps cut down on time spent on admin.

38 per cent of all mobile app users report that their apps enhance their personal life and almost half say their apps save them time. However, these benefits don’t translate to the workplace, with 34% of employees who don’t use apps at work saying they can’t see any benefits in doing so, in spite of the advantages reported by those who use apps at work.

The research also found that using apps at work can have a positive impact on company finances. On average, workplace app users say they save their organisation over £157 a year each as a result of mobile apps, with 37 per cent saying apps make their business more profitable by saving time spent on paperwork and 41 per cent reporting that apps save their business cash by making it easy to keep track of company spending and expenses.

This research comes as webexpenses launches its new mobile app, which saves businesses time and money by enabling employees to fully manage their expenses on the go. In-built features ensure that claims stay within company policy, digital receipts completely replace paper receipts and can be easily attached to expense claims, and mileage can be tracked within a metre accuracy through a GPS map function. With mobile approval, finance teams can monitor company spend as and when it occurs and are automatically alerted with any out-of-policy claims.

Michael Richards, Chairman of webexpenses, the company which commissioned the research, commented: “The findings from our research reveal an interesting disparity when it comes to how individuals utilise mobile apps across both their personal and professional lives. 38% of the mobile app users who responded to our survey said that using apps enhances their personal life and almost half say apps save them time; yet millions of people still aren’t reaping the benefits of using apps in the workplace.

“I’d encourage everyone – employers and employees – to consider how they can make sure they don’t get left behind in the mobile app revolution. Whether it’s for keeping in touch with clients or managing expenses, mobile apps save people valuable time and hassle and that means they can focus their resource on more productive and less frustrating tasks.”