Mental health absence is now costing businesses £942 per employee

mental health
In 2012, UK businesses lost an average of £854 per employee, however that figure has since risen to £942, presenting a worrying trend that the number of people affected by mental health absence is increasing.
Their figures show that staff within the NHS, Council groups and Housing Associations have the highest levels of mental health related absence. The NHS has seen an increase in levels of mental health related absence year on year between 2012-2016 from an average of 1.57 to 1.70 days lost. Moreover, the research has outlined that construction and transport industries are the least effected industries. Mental health related absence is highest amongst women aged between 40 to 50 and levels of mental health related absence increase with age. The research shows that female employees aged between 20-30 lose an average of 0.21 days, whereas those aged between 50-60 lost an average of 0.44 days.
James Arquette, FirstCare’s Chief Operating Officer, comments: “The average employee lost 1.33 days due to mental health related absence in 2015, and worryingly, the figures are continuing to rise each year.
“Despite mental health being widely spoken about, there is still a stigma associated with it and employees are suffering in silence and choose to not seek support, which leads to increased levels of absence.
“Employers need to ensure that they have the right support systems and mentoring programmes in place, to allow employees to speak out, creating a more open working environment.
“This will not only make your business an attractive place to work, but it will help retain skilled staff for the long term and have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line.”