Passwords protect your business, but who is protecting them?

password protect

Passwords – strings of letters, numbers and symbols used to validate access – are a primary way for a business to protect their vital resources. But, are we really pulling out the stops to keep them confidential?
In June. AVG Business asked it’s US and UK SME customers how they kept their business’s passwords safe. 
The research found that a third of respondents believe their company’s passwords could be more secure which could partially be due to 16 per cent of non-employees (contractors, temps and freelancers) being able to access company passwords. Furthermore, it has been found that four out of ten people use the same passwords for different business log-ins.
Tony Anscombe, Senior Security Evangelist for AVG Business comments on the issue: “Ultimately, you cannot take it for granted that your employees or colleagues have the tools and knowledge to make the necessary decisions to keep the business secure. But by implementing sound policies and proven practices, you can equip yourself and everyone in your business to be part of protecting it.”
He goes on further, “When it comes to IT security and password policies, never, ever, ever underestimate hackers. Where data could be stolen or money could be made, cybercriminals will persist until they find a vulnerability they can exploit. Your password policy is your key to the kingdom, so guard it accordingly.”