How to build your personal brand on Instagram


Building your personal brand on Instagram involves growing an engaging following that can help your page rank high on users’ feeds.

Since Instagram has grown into a formidable marketing platform, it is not just enough to have a large following. You need to have a following that is engaging. This means that your followers participate in most of the activities that you bring up on your account and actually take action. You can opt to buy real Instagram followers, but they might just have inactive accounts. That is why you need to be patient and get followers that you can interact with.

Identify Your Target Audience

Before you even start building that brand, identify first who you want your audience to be, and what you intend to sell to them. This will be your primary product. If you do not know why you want to grow this brand, then you will not know what to present to your would-be followers and clients. This means that there will be no need for even creating that brand on Instagram.

Use a Mixture of Pictures and Captions

Instagram is not only about the pictures you post. You need to find a voice and have your audience here it. Take good quality pictures, and add witty or funny quotes. Apart from informing and entertaining your audience, you need to speak to this audience. You need to get as clear and concise as possible and be consistent. Try to be as unique as possible and do not imitate others. Your audience will identify with your unique voice and relate to your brand.

Interact and Promote

This step is particularly very important if you want to grow and popularize your brand. When you have decided what you want to do, you will have to post content on a regular basis. However, it should not stop at just posting content, you need to promote this content to have your audience see the content and react to it.

Take your time to respond to comments and participate in the conversations that arise within your posts. You can even initiate these conversations yourself. The more your audience interact, the more you increase your engagement and the more you are able to reach out t other users. Reach out to key influencers within your field and have them participate in your conversations.

If you have other active social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, consider promoting your Instagram account on these other accounts. You need to let as many people as possible to know the existence of your Instagram account and your brand. Make use of your blog if you have one to promote your brand. The more platforms you use, the more people you will reach and the more popular your brand will be.

Use Direct Messages

Make use of direct messages to reach out to others that are already established on Instagram. You can ask them to repost your content and also return the favor. You can ask as many influencers as possible. If you do share the same ideas, some of them will consider reposting your content hence exposing you to their fans and followers.

Use Hashtags

Now, you are on your way to having your brand known, but you still need to increase your following. If direct messages are not getting enough responses, take advantage of hashtags. Use them creatively to have them get you what you really want.

You can start by identifying other Instagram users that share your passion. Tag these people in your posts, but do not misuse the tags or else Instagram will flag your posts as spam. You can have a maximum of about five hashtags per post. The trick is to tag the right accounts so that you can reach out to the right audience that is likely to follow you.

Use Insta Stories

People love to be entertained. It is the main reason Instagram even exists. Get personal with your audience using these stories. You can show them behind the scenes on what your life is really like. Avoid being that perfect person with no flaws. People want to relate to what is real. The good thing is that most Instagram users watch these stories more often than they do other feeds. So, make good use of them.