Hacks to turn your business website into a lead generating machine

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In this era of digital marketing, more and more brands are using their websites for generating more leads, with the goal of reaching a wider target audience.

But, only a few of them are getting desired outcomes by optimizing their business websites according to the latest marketing trends.

No doubt, a mobile responsive website is considered as a vital business tool these days. There are many ways to generate more leads with your business website even without investing more finances in a full-fledged redesign.

Here are proven hacks to turn your business website into a lead generating machine that can potentially aid your business to grow significantly.

Make Sure your Site has Landing Pages that Convert

Before making your business website live for your customers and the general public, it is vital to test out different landing pages to see which ones are converting better and can help you generate more leads and sales as well. You can try different web design layouts and CTAs to choose best converting landing pages on your website. Most of the small business owners spend a lot of dollars on building highly professional websites, but they fail to focus on the conversion element which is most important for the success of a business website. Testing different web pages will help you to find out the best numbers regarding conversion rate, user engagement and bounce rate etc. that can be used to bring perfection in the overall web design layout.

Focus on getting users to Register on your Database

It means getting your existing and new customers to enter their contact details into your website’s newsletter subscription list or by following your social media profiles. In results, you will have sufficient customer contact details and information to provide them with latest business details and new product information. It will also help you build strong customer trust by making communication with customers easier and effective too.

Provide website users with a Live Chat Option

As answering pre-purchase queries and questions can help a business secure more leads and sales, your business website must have a live chat feature to make real-time communication easier for potential and existing customers. Live chat is not only vital for e-commerce sites, but every business or company must have it on official websites for the convenience of their users/customers. Website users can utilize the live chat option to interact with concerns for a variety of purposes. For instance, a customer may want to know the exact location of the shop or to get details about new product. In such situations, live chat can come in handy for both company and customer to communicate in real time.

Use an exit Popup Offer

Getting more traffic to your business website is not a simple task. It can be expensive too as most of the companies run pay-per-click ads and also hire SEO agencies to improve their rankings. Most of the users usually leave the website without doing anything, but you can use every possible technique to convert them to get better ROI and to improve the bottom line too. Pop-up exit offers can be great to boost the website conversion rate. Provide your leaving users with an amazing offer to converting them easier into regular buyers.

A/B testing

Believe or not, A/B testing can do wonders for the business of any type. It is something great that provides you with necessary information regarding which web design layout or call to action can perform better for you. It helps you find out best converting landing pages to help you boost revenues. You can test different things like the CTA you are about to use, the layout of the landing page, images etc. to get things in your favor.

Deliver your Message with an Explainer Video

Since video marketing is another great way to grab the attention of potential customers, use of short but appealing explainer videos in your business website can help you deliver your message more effectively and in a best possible way. It will not only deliver your corporate message proficiently to convert more users but will also help you reduce the bounce rate.