How can Instagram help grow your business?


Imagine that you have decided to take your business online and you have chosen Instagram as your platform.

Will it be possible to grow your sales? Absolutely! IG marketing service is a powerful visual social media tool suitable for any business.

There are over 500 million Instagram accounts worldwide that are active daily, and 80 percent of them follow a business. This is according to the Instagram user data. With such a large number of people using the platform, you can access a large number of potential customers. Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can use Instagram to grow your business.

Engage Your Target Audience

Engaging your target audience by liking and commenting on their posts directs them to your page. Once on your page, they reciprocate by liking your posts, commenting and following your page.

This generates organic traffic enabling you to build a community where you build relationships that translate to business and referrals.

Use Of Catchy Images

Since Instagram is a visual platform, it is important to use images that speak volumes to your target audience. The image should help your brand stand out and connect with your audience.

To achieve this, you should have a strategy in place of what you feed should look like. You can use images to build a story about your brand on your feed. This way, your audince will know the purpose of your brand.

With a strong visual presence on Instagram, will outstand others. This will, in turn, attract more people to your page and easily convert them to customers.

Apply The Rule Of Thirds

To avoid losing followers on your page; it is essential to balance your posts by applying the rule of thirds. It consists of:

Promotional posts that contain the products you are selling. You can get creative in how you promote your products. For example, you can include pictures of your customers using the product.

Have posts that encourage your audience to have a conversation. You can achieve this by asking questions or having your audience take part in contests. Sharing posts from some of the people or pages you follow and crediting the source.

When you have the right balance, it increases your page engagement and makes it easy to drive your audience to your sales website.

Set Up Shoppable Posts

In this case, it’s vital to ensure that your Instagram account has a business profile. Also, you must have a setup shop section on Facebook that is linked to Instagram where you sell physical goods and not services.

Once you meet the above requirements, Instagram approves you for product tagging and you can, therefore, enable the feature.

See, tagging your products once you post them makes it easy for customers to shop directly through your posts.

Frequently Use Instagram Stories

There are over 400 million Instagram stories each day though they disappear after 24 hours. However, these stories are beneficial because they allow you to add a location sticker on your posts. This increases discoverability. You are able to inform your audience where your business is, especially if you have a physical location. This comes with foot traffic to your store that can drive up your sales.

Besides, Instagram stories allow you to collect your customer’s feedback easily. Why? You can add a poll sticker to your story. Feedback collected builds your business since you can know exactly what your customers want and implement it.

Use Instagram Advertising

Paying for advertisement on Instagram will grow your business. As you design your Ad, Instagram recommends that you put into consideration your audience’s passion. Nevertheless,  keep it simple and focus on the visuals.

To achieve this, you need to do proper research to ensure that your advertisement appears to the right audience. Plus, it should appeal to them. Next, you should see the result through an increase in sales.


There are great opportunities on Instagram for your business. It does not matter whether you run a small or large business. When it comes to online platforms such as Instagram, the playing field is level. Follow these tips to build an organic following on your Instagram profile and see your business grow.