Growing your business with LinkedIn Automation Tools


Social media platforms provide a fertile ground to hunt for prospects and convert them into customers.

LinkedIn is one of them and the use of automation tools continues to stir various opinions on whether it’s worth it.

So, are LinkedIn automation tools worth their hype?

In this simple guide, we’ll go through the reasons why you should use automation tools in order to grow your business by building networks creating value and engaging with your audience.

1.   Build a Scalable Network

It’s often said your network is your net worth. In business, the bigger the network the more revenues you’re bound to get and networking doesn’thave to be as difficult as many people think, especially when it comes to LinkedIn.

This platform allows users to view profiles, send invites and messages along with other activities which have propelled socialization to a new frontier. With LinkedIn automation tools, it’s easy to personalize, plan and automate all repetitive tasks within the platform. This way, you can free up more time and focus on the core aspects of the business such as sales.

Creating informative and engaging content is one surefire way of gaining an audience and also building your brand presence and the most important remaining relevant with your growing network. In the long run, this will generate more leads.

2.   Value is Key

When a consumer comes across your product or service, the first question in their mind will revolve around why they should buy the product. At this point, you have a small window to prove its worth and this is where great content comes in.

Today, with all the technology, automation is a great way to cut down on time spent on routine social activities which bots can handle. Again, this creates more time to create valuable content for your network. LinkedIn offers a professional platform where businesses can market their content with the hope of converting prospects into customers.

However, before diving into the murky waters of marketing, it’s vital to develop a solid content marketing strategy. This will provide a blueprint for the type of content you’ll produce, how often you’ll publish and its value to your audience.

3.   Use Network Effects to Build Brand Presence

Sales managers and business owners in the digital space know of the four defensibilities used in creating value. One of these defensibilities is network effects. What is this you ask? Big companies such as Microsoft, Facebook and Google use this mechanism to make sure their services/products continue selling even after reaching a specific level.

Another question is how does this mechanism apply on LinkedIn? After your core network engages with your products/services, their network will know of this and this will act as social proof thereby increasing the offerings’ value.

Even with LinkedIn coming out to warn users against using automation tools, technology offers an effective way of breaking away from traditional cold emails, which end up as spam in the mailbox. There may be some cons but the pros outweigh them and you don’t to be left when the automation train leaves the station. It’s up to you to decide.