Five tips for dressing your glass display cabinet

glass cabinet

Naturally, lots of effort goes into dressing a window display. It’s often a prospective customer’s first impression of your brand and offering, and has the potential to entice them into your shop.

But that’s not where the ‘dress to impress’ approach should end.

The displays within your store should be equally eye-catching and considered. Even more so in many ways, as the experience you give people after stepping through the door can be the difference between making sales and creating long-lasting relationships, and, well, the polar opposite. 

You’ll want customers to have a positive experience from start to finish, engage with your offering, and remember your brand; and glass display cabinets provide the perfect stage for you to achieve these things.  

So, to really put on a show, try these five simple tips for dressing them to make maximum impact.  

Placement is key

Placement of items within your glass cabinet (like the cabinet by Luminati pictured above) is important, but, first, take a step back and consider the placement of the cabinet itself. When people walk into a store they’re inclined to head straight for a display. (After all, we’re all just magpies drawn to shiny things.) So, as a rule of thumb, keep your main, hero display cabinet somewhere central, so customers can easily make a beeline for it, and, more importantly, make it unmissable.

Light it up

How do you make your glass display cabinet unmissable? This is the really interesting part, and where you can exercise your creative flair. Firstly, think lighting, as it’s one of the most impactful ways to lead eyes to your display. Illuminated cabinets with LED lights provide clean, crisp illumination, aiming the spotlight perfectly on your products, while helping to captivate attention immediately and point customers straight to what you want to show them.

Showcase hero products

Of course, glass display cabinets allow you to place more products in front of customers, and they’re often a preferred option for being secure, enabling you to keep high-value items under lock and key, while giving people a taste of their delights. However, it shouldn’t only be used as a spot for premium pieces. Instead, consider your glass display cabinet as an extension of a campaign. It’s an ideal platform to show off a new range, statement piece or even an installation. With this in mind, it’s also a fitting place to drive brand awareness.

Brand talk

On the subject of branding, this is a relevant factor when it comes to dressing your glass cabinet display to its full potential. Understandably, there’s a tendency to focus on packing product into displays in order to show off as much as possible, however, it’s important to get the balance right between this and items designed to say a bit more about who you are. Adding branding to your display is a great way to share your brand’s identity and build affiliation with customers. Space permitting, light boxes are a wonderful feature for drawing attention to your logo, and more subtle branding blocks will also help highlight the name behind the products.

Tell a story 

Products and branding is a winning combination in your glass display cabinet. However, there’s more you can do to encourage customers to engage with your offering and make a purchase. Telling a story is a powerful way to resonate with people, and sharing messaging around why your product would suit them is likely to strike a chord.  

Point of purchase digital screens enable you to demonstrate a sense of lifestyle around your products, and allow your customer to picture themselves in that scenario. It can also be a highly effective technique for building excitement around an upcoming product launch or campaign.