Be very cautious with your Direct Marketing Spend in 2011

Embarking on a direct marketing campaign, either in print or
online, may seem like a very logical strategy to kickstart sales, especially after
the recent VAT rise, but I’d advise businesses to hold fire and take some time
to explore the other options available, particularly the opportunities
presented by social media and publishing.

Direct Marketing
can be an expensive and unpredictable strategy and if it doesn’t bring in the
return, it could potentially cripple businesses who have just managed to
survive the recession by the skin of their teeth. The reality is that you can
still market directly to your target audience, but in ways which will cost you
much less, so reducing the risk significantly.

I believe that success
lies in doing three simple things, building profile through blogging regularly
(and personally, so not ghost written), gaining credibility by writing a book
(or an e-book) and spreading your unique message by speaking at local events.

We all know that
successful Direct Marketing is a numbers game, but I’m hoping I can show people
that this approach can be turned right on its head. My advice is focus on the
message first. Being known for your passion, your vision and your ability to be
a Thought Leader is what will win you business in 2011.

Your personal
message is the most powerful tool to build credibility and raise your profile.
When you think about well known business people, you are most likely thinking
of celebrities; the Dragons’ from the Den, Anita Roddick, Richard Branson… the
list is endless. But there is no reason why your business cannot get the same
reputable success as these people because it simply boils down to how you tell
people about what you know and how many people you are reaching.