4 Inexpensive & Effective Local Advertising Ideas

Businesses, particularly smaller businesses, will find many advantages in advertising locally and here are 4 very affordable advertising options that you could try:

Sponsor sports teams. By sponsoring a children’s sports team, you are giving yourself a bit of advertising and helping the community as well. Many schools allow businesses to sponsor teams which will help you to gain awareness of your business and help the school to better afford certain things. Sponsorship costs will vary depending on a number of factors but if you have the opportunity, this is an excellent place to begin.

Print business cards, flyers and bags. If you have a retail store of some sort, bags that are imprinted with your business name and/or logo are an excellent way to raise awareness of your business. You should always have business cards on hand and if you have a bit promotion or sale coming up, print up flyers to pass out to other businesses. You can use a professional printer or simply print them out for yourself. There are many programs that will also enable you to print your own business cards.

Have a giveaway. So a giveaway will cost you a little something depending on what you choose to give away but this can be a very effective marketing technique. Depending on your business type you can give away certificates for free services or hand out free products.

Go online. Online advertising is a very effective marketing technique. Whether you set up a website, choose to advertise on a local venue or you are going to begin social media marketing campaigns, you simply have to take advantage of online advertising techniques.

Most are completely free of charge and give you the opportunity to get your business message in front of literally millions of potential customers. Create your own social media pages and begin interacting with your local customers online. You can give them information about specials or promotions that you have coming up and allow them to comment on your business services for other potential customers.