Profile: Vashi Dominguez Proves Diamonds are a Man’s Best Friend

Fifteen years later, and Dominguez started to pursue another interest entirely; the interest of diamonds.

“I’ve been passionate about diamonds all my life.” Dominguez admits.

After marrying and settling in Britain, he brought his interest in precious stones with him.

“The diamond industry is very close knit, supply is controlled by the sight holders.” Dominguez tells us. “Most people buy through middlemen in the main centres such as London and Antwerp.”

As it turned out, it was his Indian connections and business-savvy confidence which led him to forge a new type of supply chain. Thanks to money gained from his previous electronics business, Dominguez was able to invest £80,000 of those savings and £250,000 of stock into Diamond Manufacturers.

Six years on, it’s turned out to be a sparkling venture.

Diamond Manufacturers offers something a little different when it comes to picking that perfect engagement ring; a lot more choice.

Offering the highest quality white gold, yellow gold and platinum settings for diamonds, there’s every opportunity now to create the perfect engagement ring.

At the higher end of the price range there’s beautiful cut diamonds in various shapes, premium lustre and perfect clearness. For those unable to stretch too far, there’s the option to go for slightly less transparent but equally beautiful sparklers and simple but elegant settings.

Though engagement rings are their speciality, there’s more than meets the eye with Diamond Manufacturers. Now they’re branching out into earrings, stud earrings and necklaces.

Diamond Manufacturers have recently expanded their offering with this new jewellery section on their website. There’s still that option offered to customers to design their own pendants, necklaces and stud earrings from a choice of different stones, settings and metals.

It’s not just diamonds that sparkle either: blue sapphires, emeralds, rubies and pearls make up a real treasure trove of glamorous options.

The accessibility of Diamond Manufacturers is one rarely seen in other jewellery companies; customers are invited to discuss pricing, preferences and designs when seeking the perfect diamond ring. Now, you don’t need to be loaded to get hold of it.

Dominguez speaks of the pros of the website, which offers simple guided advice on how to make the perfect ring. Given that most of the customers are male – 80 per cent of them, in fact – he recognises the important of setting up a website which takes into account this is an important decision in a man’s life.

With no nonsense, simple and easy to follow jewellery options and a wealth of informative articles, the company website is kitted out for male visitors hoping for an ‘I do.’

And for men who don’t know their future spouses ring size, there’s a bit of extra security.

“Because surprise is part of most marriage proposals, even with the sizing advice we offer, many rings don’t fit.” Dominguez explains.

“That’s why it was important to offer a free re-sizing service,” he continues, “and just in case it all goes wrong, free returns as well.”

To prevent it from all ‘going wrong’, Dominguez offers up proposal advice on the website.

The mystery and secrecy of performing a proposal is something Dominguez is all too keen to get involved in, too.

“We have been asked to make express deliveries,” he says, “and have even pretended to be part of someone’s cricket team when we turn up so as not to give the game away.”

Given the potentially risky business of online purchases, Dominguez quickly put in place measures for customer’s peace of mind.

“Some customers do want to see the items first,” he says, “so we also provide free one-to-one viewings as well as a lifetime guarantee, and our customer services are open seven days a week.

“Accessibility and availability count for more in their business than others, if a ring does not fit customers want to do something immediately. Our clients are used to surfing at all hours, so there is an innate expectation coming from that too.

“Making service and reliability priorities has been absolutely crucial to our success.”


Paul Jones

Editor of Business Matters, the UKs largest business magazine, and head of Capital Business Media's automotive division working for clients such as Aston Martin and Infiniti.

Editor of Business Matters, the UKs largest business magazine, and head of Capital Business Media's automotive division working for clients such as Aston Martin and Infiniti.