Small businesses are unfazed by the recent VAT increase

Two thirds of those who took part in the Trends Research survey, for business accounting software company Intuit, confirmed that overall, the VAT increase has had no impact on their business.
Nearly forty per cent of small business owners chose to absorb the additional cost of the VAT increase rather than pass it on to their customers.
Even when considering all the associated costs including admin, absorbing price increases and loss of revenue, almost 70% of small business owners claimed the VAT increase had cost them less than £350.
When asked how much time they spent dealing with the change, nearly half of small business owners estimated that they spent less than five hours managing the VAT increase.
When asked if increasing VAT is the best way to tackle the national deficit, almost half of the 1400 small business owners who took part in the research, said they agreed with the Government’s decision.
When looking for advice on how to manage the change, around one in five said that they turned to other small business owners for support, and the same number turned to customer support from their accounting software firm to help them make the change.
Pernille Bruun-Jensen, managing director, Intuit UK said: “It’s reassuring to know that many small business owners have been able to cope with the recent VAT increase despite widespread predictions of doom and gloom.”
“As this is the third VAT rate change in less than three years, those business owners who have been around for a while may feel that they have had enough practice to cope with the changes! Small Business Britain is a huge driver for the UK’s economic recovery, and so it’s important that the government continues to listen to and address their needs in order to tackle the national deficit.” Bruun-Jensen added.