Small business aims to beat recession with smarter communications

Over 80 per cent of UK small businesses see smarter use of communications technology as the lifeline to help beat the recession, according to a study of small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners participating in the Business Growth and Development Programme (BGP) at Cranfield School of Management. The study of the 31 small businesses between £500,000 to £20 million turnover, which was commissioned by Siemens Enterprise Communications, found that 84 per cent of those interviewed think that enhanced communications will deliver competitive advantage in the current recession. A further three quarters want improved productivity when they are investing in IT and communications.

Workplace bullying is a problem for most brits

More than 70% of British adults feel as though they have been bullied or witnessed bullying of some sort in the workplace and over 30% were too worried about the repercussions to report the problem.

A study of 934 Brits commissioned by the UK’s leading recruitment scoring website has found that 73% of Brits have, at some stage in their career, witnessed workplace bullying or inappropriate behaviour and almost 1 in 3 admitted they were too worried about their job security to report the incident.

Five Golden Rules for etailers in the credit crunch

In spite of the economic slowdown online shopping is still thriving, with more people taking advantage of the cheaper prices available on the net and shopping in the comfort of their own home.

However, internet expert WebTrends is warning ecommerce sites that they must provide a seamless online experience, or they could face missing out on a significant piece of the action, as internet shopping gets increasingly competitive .

The scene is set

Andy Lopata talks to Warren Cass about the success of his online business networking and events company Business Scene

With so many opportunities to network in the UK many business people are more than spoilt for choice; they are becoming increasingly confused by the range of choices available to them.

Once they have decided whether it is more convenient to network locally or regionally, they then have a range of events to choose from at all times of the day, with the opportunity to network over breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Absenteeism – problem or symptom?

I have recently read a number of articles on the problem of absenteeism and was struck by how most of them completely ignored the causes of the problem, and instead focused solely on the measures organisations were taking to ensure that persistent offenders are deterred from taking time off.

Credit crunch boosts home business start-ups

Spare room start-ups have increased by 16% during the past 12 months taking the number of UK home businesses to 2.5m, the report by BT and Enterprise Nation showed.

Released as part of Small Business Week, the study said home based entrepreneurs are also bucking the trend when it comes to confidence in their prospects during the financial crisis.