Is your working life working for you?

happy staff member

For most of us, work takes up a significant proportion of our life. Nobody sets out to deliberately raise their stress levels at work or anywhere else, and yet for many of us chronic stress caused by our working life can get in the way of our enjoyment, performance and overall sense of achievement.

On the other side of this equation, successful and lucrative businesses are staffed by people who are happy in their work, stretched but not stressed, demonstrating their full potential, giving of their all, feeling fulfilled within their working lives, and not looking to move elsewhere anytime soon. 

Healthy staff = healthy company = healthy profits: everyone’s a winner.

This level of both individual and company health is rare in today’s stress-filled business world, but it is possible and achievable with the help of an insight into the root causes of stress and what you can do about them.

Based on sound psychological knowledge and current brain research, we have designed a one day course that will give you vital information about the devastating effects of stress, what you can do to avoid yourself, your staff, your company becoming chronically ill, and how you can turn things around to the benefit of everyone.

With staff emotional wellbeing comes increased profitability, improved staff performance and reduced sick-leave and staff turnover – a superb working environment where business will flourish.

If a stress free, efficient and profitable workplace is an ideal that you would like to attain in your own company or workplace, for yourself and for others, book yourself a place on our Workplace Stress course on 12th June in London.

We also provide in-house training: please contact for further information.