Five ways your office can save money by going green

going green

Sir David Attenborough’s recent series, Blue Planet, has shocked the world, and brought the issue of waste to the fore.

This has made waste reduction and energy efficiency a growing priority for both individuals and businesses alike.Here we’ll look at how companies can tackle these environmental issues, whilst also saving money.

It’s important to mention that reducing paper usage and recycling is key. However, this isn’t a new concept, with many businesses already doing their bit. With this in mind, we’ve put together five ideas that you may not have considered.

Allow employees to work remotely

Employees that work from home a day or two per week will use less office resources, such as paper and electricity. This will not only save your business money, it will also cut the number of journeys to and from work, thus reducing transport emissions.

Switch to green energy

A 2015 Competition and Markets Authority investigation revealed that 40% of businesses hadn’t moved suppliers in the past five years and 39% had never switched at all. Switching energy supplier can save a considerable amount of money. The amount you’ll save depends on how much energy your office uses, but it could be hundreds or thousands of pounds per year.

The green energy companies offer some of the best deals. This means it’s possible to save money by switching to a company that uses 100% renewables, such as Bulb or Ecotricity. Win win!

Use CFL or LED lightbulbs

Energy efficient lightbulbs have a number of advantages over traditional incandescents. They typically use between 25% and 80% less energy, and they last up to 25 times longer. Even though the bulbs may cost more initially, they will certainly save your office money in the long run. Energy efficient bulbs include CFLs and LEDs.

Review your suppliers

When choosing who you work with, whether they’re stationers, caterers, cleaning product suppliers or other service providers, it’s important to consider their environmental commitment. Are they using minimal/biodegradable packaging? Are they promoting reusable or refillable products where possible?

For example, The CSL Group supplies an office printer, which utilises sustainable Plant-Based bioplastic, called Polymer Alloy Recycled PET.

Splosh is a company that provides refillable cleaning products, such as hand wash, washing up liquid and floor cleaner. Ecover also offer refill products. You will then be able to refill your original bottles, which will save on plastic waste.

Buy second hand furniture

Kit out your office with second-hand furniture and you could be making huge savings. This will also reduce consumption and waste, by preventing perfectly functional items from ending up in landfill.

There are plenty of places to find pre-owned office furniture, including Gumtree, Ebay, and Office Resale.


Whilst remote working won’t be feasible for every office, the rest of our tips should be practical and convenient for almost every business. By making these ideas a reality, your business will reduce its carbon footprint and make considerable savings.