How to plan the perfect Canadian business trip

Canada skyline

When you are told that you are heading to Canada for a business trip, this will probably fill you with joy.

Our Canadian cousins across the pond have a wonderfully welcoming nature and their country is filled with plenty of things for you to do. Here are some of the things you need to consider if you are planning the perfect business trip.

Work out how much time you have

If your meeting is on a Friday, is it possible for you to stay over the weekend? Could you maybe combine the trip with some saved up holiday days to give you even longer? Grabbing as much time as possible will allow you to head out and see everything the city you are in has to offer. If you cannot wrangle some extra free days, there may be some time in the evenings where you can go and explore.

Sort out your documentation

If you are a citizen of the United Kingdom, you will need an electronic travel authorization or an eTA if you intend to enter Canada from the air. It is easiest for you to apply for your Canada visa online and you should have your authorization in a few minutes.

It is valid for both business and pleasure so if you are staying on in Canada then you will have no trouble regarding your visa or stay requirements.

You will also need to sort out hotels and potentially a hire car so you have some form of transportation. The sooner these can be booked, the more choice you will have. Take copies of the booking confirmations and contact information about the hotels you are staying in and pass them onto your place of work and loved ones for emergencies.

Learn about Canadians

You are going to do business with Canadians so you ultimately want to understand how to read them and how to get the most out of the business trip. Firstly, Canadians really value punctuality. Make sure you make your meeting on time and apologise if you are anything more than a couple of minutes late.

Like their American neighbours, Canadians also value a strong handshake with eye contact. When settling down to the meeting itself, it is better to be direct than to encourage your listeners to read between the lines. It is also important to listen to everyone, no matter how they may rank in the company, and don’t expect any decisions to be made until all facts and figures have been presented and analysed.

You also need to remember that Canada is a bilingual country with both French and English as official languages. If you are conducting business in Québec, you may need an interpreter to help you.

With these tips in hand, you are bound to have a brilliant first time in Canada. Make sure you are well-prepared and find some fun things to do during your time off. What may start as a business trip to Canada may end as one of the best holidays you have ever taken.

Image: Pixabay