Brexit – How to survive the true disruptor


Brexit is a true disruptor that has fundamentally altered business life in the UK starting at the stroke of midnight on 31 December 2020.

True disruptors alter the face of business, but they don’t stop it.  Business adapts.

The most pressing question is: what does this mean for my business?  The new trading rules that came into force dramatically altered all aspects of business life, and because of their timing, there was no opportunity to prepare in advance.  No one knew what to prepare for.

The main questions businesses are asking are:

  • Will suppliers and customers continue to deal with UK businesses?  And on what terms?
  • Is the new VAT regime a problem for my business and how is it affecting our cashflow?
  • Is importing/exporting goods still affordable for my business?
  • Does my business require an EU hub?  What does that involve and how much would it cost?

It is clear from the consistent reporting in the media that businesses are struggling to understand and come to terms with the new regime and to find out and implement what they should do.  The guidance for individual businesses found at the website is helpful but not exhaustive.

SME’s – especially British SME’s – have always been the most adaptable and agile businesses, driven by people of vision, who know what it takes to get business done and are prepared to work hard to do it.  They see when change is needed and have always been up to the challenge.  And the good news is that it IS possible to adapt to the new trading climate using a variety of strategies.

At Trade Without Borders, our goal is to help businesses identify COST-EFFECTIVE AND PRAGMATIC SOLUTIONS and strategies so that businesses can make those changes.  We understand that businesses are already aware of the problems, the red tape and the uncertainties – now they need to hear the solutions.  Our experience from working with our clients has proved that it is possible to tailor solutions which minimise risk, open up business and provide re-assurance to trade partners.

BREXIT can be BREXIT and business can still operate and co-exist.  These not mutually incompatible ideals.

It’s just a new way of doing business.