New app SKOOT gives football fans a lift back to stadiums when lockdown lifts 


Forest Green Rovers – recognised as the world’s greenest football club by FIFA – has partnered with pioneering carbon negative mobility App SKOOT, connecting and reuniting football fans like never before.

Rovers is leading the way with a ground-breaking lift ride initiative that will help fans travel to games together, while offering help to fellow supporters and the community in need of important errands, before the latest lockdown restrictions ease.

Proudly carbon-negative and the first and only app of its kind, SKOOT becomes the Club’s Official Lift Partner For Fans and will connect FGR supporters who want to travel to matches together, alongside helping those in the local community who may need assistance, truly giving the fans a lift.

Rovers is the first football team SKOOT has worked with – and share the same ethos as the Club, with its mission to enable people to travel together or help each other in a safe, carbon-negative way all at the touch of a button.

Through the app, fans are able to organise, request and arrange errands or lifts simply – and for every three rides, SKOOT plants a tree – meaning that every single journey helps the environment.

For now, supporters can look out for each other through SKOOT by assisting those who need help with errands during lockdown – and give something back to those locally who may need support most.

Mark Stringer, Co-Founder of SKOOT said:  “Every once in a while, there’s a Club that lights up the world with their passion, innovation and flair, Forest Green Rovers is that club and we’re incredibly excited to be embarking on this journey.

“We share so many of the same values, not just in terms of the environment, but also the spirit of how you play. Football connects people emotionally and physically and brings communities together and we hope SKOOT Errands helps during these difficult times.

“Alongside building plans for when we’re out of lockdown, that are fun and really give fans a lift. The conversations and ambition we have for what we can do together is exciting. We believe we can innovate and provide a blueprint for other clubs and fans around the world.”

Henry Staelens, Chief Executive Officer at FGR added: “We share similar values to the team at SKOOT, and it’s good to be working with them. I am sure there are plenty of initiatives we can collaborate on, particularly around how our fans travel and interact”.