Saving Jaguar by Sir John Egan

When John Egan arrived at Jaguar Cars in April 1980, newly appointed as Chief Executive, the company’s very survival was in grave doubt. In fact, the situation looked utterly hopeless.

Not only was the once-proud Jaguar company a part of the catastrophic BL Cars but he was greeted at the gates by the workforce – on strike!

The odds against saving Jaguar were immense. Quality was appalling, the workforce bitter, the management disillusioned and it was hemorrhaging money. The Labour Government had introduced the ‘closed shop’, giving the unions and their militant shop stewards immense power.

This book tells the story of how John Egan gradually overcame the odds and, piece by piece, rebuilt this once great company, winning over the workforce, the suppliers, the overseas dealers and, most important of all, the customers. Working initially with BL Chairman Michael Edwardes, and supported by Margaret Thatcher and her Government, Egan and his team of managers overcame every obstacle, every set-back, every challenge.

Again and again, it looked impossible. Yet using innovative techniques, intelligence, plain speaking, openness, motor racing and much more, they saved this most charismatic of companies which has created some of the finest and most cherished motor cars of all time.

It is an amazing story that will appeal equally to car enthusiasts, those in business, Jaguar devotees and readers interested in social history.