The Business GP Appointment Two

The simple answer is that as business people we should be constantly striving to improve ourselves, striving to improve our business and our people.

As every Doctor will tell you, preventative medicine is far better than finding a cure when the symptoms are showing, but why?  For any fan of the TV show ‘House’ with the brilliant Hugh Laurie there is a simple explanation.  House starts with a basic principle, every patient is a liar!  That may seem extreme but there is a real business lesson in the midst of that comment.

If you wait until the pressure is really on, the issues are really biting and the money is soaking away you are less likely to remember the really important things.  There is a tendency for denial, and a loss of the real facts.  This is not a deliberate ploy but a result of how the brain works under duress.  When things are going well we are more easily able to retain facts, more open to new ideas and less ‘defensive’.

So my simple answer to all business owners, don’t wait until you are forced to get support, utilise it all the time.  That support does not have to cost either.  It could be members of the family, trusted friends, or an appointed mentor, a consultant, reading a book, or even listening to the radio.  However you do it just remember prevention is better than cure.

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