James Caan’s new aproach to recruitment saves SMEs millions

Since making his investment last year, the serial entrepreneur has led the online recruitment agency to revolutionise the hiring industry by providing the country’s SMEs with an affordable online recruitment service that allows them to compete with large corporates for the best candidates available.

Webrecruit introduced the first flat fee online recruitment model in 2001 in a bid to change the recruitment landscape. Their vision was to provide companies with an affordable recruitment solution and nine years on, they’re doing just that.

With the key driver now being a reduction of their cost-per-hire, and with the increasing amount of job seekers now using the internet, businesses that are looking to recruit are doing so using online methods.  The company’s service guarantees to fill a client’s vacancy for a simple flat fee. And if it isn’t successful, the client is reimbursed in full.

Recruitment veteran Caan believes in supporting SMEs and finding ways to help them thrive. And the webrecruit service does just that.

James commented: “We see small businesses differently. And in order for them to thrive and build businesses for the future, they need access to the growing online pool of candidates. In just one year we’ve saved SMEs approximately £6million compared to traditional agency prices. That’s budget they wouldn’t have seen if they’d used traditional agencies. The smaller business now has a voice in the recruitment industry, someone championing their right to compete for the best candidates at an affordable price.”

With the recession seeing many businesses’ recruitment budgets virtually disappear overnight, the service has proved instrumental in helping the smaller business to compete with large corporates by providing an affordable online service that guarantees results.


Under the leadership of James, one of the UK’s most prolific entrepreneurs, the company helps businesses to dramatically reduce their cost-per-hire by harnessing the power of the internet to deliver quality candidates straight to a client’s inbox.

By capitalising on the speed of the internet, leading online resources and efficient candidate management systems, the company has been able to pass on substantial savings to the small and medium sized business owner.
The model has proved so successful with SMEs that this month will see the launch of webrecruit in Ireland.

Phil Roebuck, webrecruit’s Managing Director, was pleased with the results: “To have James come onboard last year was a fantastic move for webrecruit. Like us, he’s committed to delivering companies with an affordable recruitment service. The cream of the crop shouldn’t be reserved for those businesses that can afford traditional agencies and expensive advertising methods’.