How to Overcome the ‘Silly Season’

Tim Rylatt, a Professional Business Coach and Author of ‘Business Battleships’, believes that the main predicament for business owners and marketers is trying to win sales during July-September and sometimes this can be fatal to a business’ survival, especially in this recession.

When business owners are trying to secure sales from top level decision-makers, it is easy for these people to say things like, ‘We’re not making any decisions until September, so get in touch then.’ This is actually in most cases, just an excuse.

He believes the reason why this season is so difficult to tap into, is because more people take holidays during this period, so more often than not, business owners and marketers looking to win new business, have to wait until this so called ‘silly period’ has come to an end.

The reality is, is that if you are savvy enough and don’t follow suit and adopt your competitors’ mindset, then you are actually more likely to win these sales as there is less competition. This is because your competitors are thinking ‘let’s not bother, let’s wait until September to make contact!’

His advice for small businesses is to go and grab what you want any time throughout the year. If you have that mindset and motivation, you are more likely to succeed in your marketplace. Additionally, by understanding the buying motives of your audience by market sector and the key fears that they have will always lead you in good stead no matter what date in the calendar year.

Tim commented: “Having a good understanding of why your prospects will want the solution that your service or product can offer, especially through the harder months of July, August and September is vital to any business.

“By understanding the reasons people want your product or service from their viewpoint, and why they most commonly won’t engage or buy from you, depending on any circumstance, is the best starting point, to improve the results you usually get across these months,” adds Tim.