5 Signs your employee is about to quit

leaving job

Wouldn’t it be great if all us managers had a crystal ball that would tell us clearly which one of our employees is about to leave?

Then, a contingency plan would be much easier to design. Unfortunately, we don’t have Nostradamus’s forecasting powers, but we have the next best thing: a list of tell-tale signs that will let you know if your staff member is about to quit.

Disinterested in Work Activities

If your employee was previously proactive, contributed to meetings and was the first one up for a drink on Friday evening; but is less engaged now in these activities, that is a clear sign that he is thinking of jumping ship.

Got some long-term projects coming up? Observe your employee’s behaviour during discussions related to it and note if he willingly commits to key milestones due in the future.

Dresses Sharper than Usual

We’re all about smart casual Fridays – however, if your worker suddenly shows up in a three-piece suit while you’re rocking your favourite pair of blue shorts, beware that he is probably going to a job interview.

Even something as simple as a new haircut or shinier teeth (thanks to that last-minute teeth whitening appointment at the dentist) can denote that your team member is freshening up to look his best. Combined with frequently long lunch bjobreaks and late mornings, that desk he is occupying may just soon become available!

Takes All Vacation Days

When you, as a manager, start receiving a lot of vacation day requests from your employee, watch out! There is a chance that he is trying to rake in all his paid leaves.

If dental check-ups and doctor appointments become a weekly norm, then definitely your employee is looking for a new fish to swim with! You may want to start thinking about how to write that job advertisement or simply have a chat with him to ask what’s going on.

 Super Active on LinkedIn

Hey, if you’re an active LinkedIn user, that’s great! But think about it: how often do you really update your LinkedIn profile?

If you wake up one fine morning and see your employee making new connections, campaigning for testimonials, sharing articles and joining new groups, that could be a red flag! Is he just trying to network or to find his next job?

Changes in Personal Life

As a great manager, you must try to connect with your team outside the office walls. Building a friendly relationship with them will let you know if one of them goes through a major life event that could make him question his current choices. This could be a divorce, a loss of a loved one or the birth of a child. During such times, he will need a guiding hand as he may be emotional and unable to make rational, logical decisions.

You could be that beacon of hope and direct him through such rocky times, if you wish to retain his services.

However, if unfortunately your employee is already left, then go ahead and hire staff on the JOB TODAY board. Don’t worry, you are better equipped now to watch out for such signs in the future!