Tech Watch: ClickASnap – Getting paid when people look at your photographs?

Move aside Insta, a new start-up called ClickASnap innovates a brand new service that see’s its users getting paid every time someone views their photos.

The photo-sharing world is saturated with new companies trying to get a slice of the bigger players like Instagram’s pie and I’ve unearthed a brand new service that sees people actually getting paid for people viewing their photos.

At this point, I was sceptical, so I dug deeper and actually found a really nice, welcoming community of photographers, designers and artists in their own right – all featuring their work for all to enjoy.

How does ClickASnap Work?

ClickASnap allows people from all walks of life, like most social platforms, to share their content with the world, but with a catch, they’ll pay you money based on ‘impressions’ or ‘views’ of your photographs.

Before you get upload happy though, ClickASnap limit uploads on non-premium accounts to 7 photographs a day. This is primarily for quality control purposes to ensure that the platform isn’t saturated with sub-par content. However, if you do opt for the premium membership, it’ll cost you £3 per month and will see you gain access to unlimited uploads and in that respect, unlimited earning potential.

Ease of use was clearly central to ClickASnaps business model as sign up is extraordinarily simple and you can be uploading your own portfolio of photographs within minutes.

The Open Book Challenge

 Furthermore, ClickASnap is hot on the tails of reaping a huge investment to further it’s development through its participation in the Open Book Challenge which touts a $100,000 investment to the newest, most innovative start-up, of which they’re currently in the top 20 companies in running.

The Open Book challenge was put together as a rebuttal to Facebook’s monopoly and backlash on some severe privacy issues that drastically hindered the social networks image and fundamentally share price. This has paved the way for upcoming social networks to muster the funding to create an alternative.

ClickASnap has a very real possibility of being the next Insta

 Although Instagram allow for sponsored posts and various other forms of advertising, they haven’t pieced together a revenue stream that will benefit its entire user base. Essentially, unless you’re Kylie Jenner and the likes, making a suitable living from Instagram has proved extremely tough for photographers and like-minded artists who seek to profit from their work.

ClickASnap truly opens up a realm of possibilities to all of its users, whether celebrity or casual social media user to really profit from their photographs – and this is where I think Instagram and the like have missed a trick.

In a world where social media is an extremely dominant force, it’s time for tech companies to think on how they can give back to its users – and I feel here, ClickASnap has certainly capitalised on this factor and, if investment is secured, we could see ClickASnap invading top ranking app lists very soon.

Piece by Jamie McKaye