5 marketing tactics photographers use to increase business

Having a successful photography career is tough, as there is no guarantee it’ll work out even if you happen to be the most talented photographer out there.

Building a great business all depends on your understanding of how businesses work. You need to understand how to attract new clients and how to keep current customers through marketing.

Here we will be recommending five marketing tactics photographers should use to increase their business.

Use Print Marketing Materials

Just because the internet has taken over doesn’t mean print marketing is any less effective. With print marketing, you don’t lose intimacy the way you do through email.

Photo folders are particularly useful for photographers who want to present a specific sample of their work to a potential client in a professional way. You can also use them to present a client with the work you have produced for them.

If you’re looking for examples of such photo folders, you can find a collection of high quality products that can be custom printed at Company Folders. A variety of photo sizes and printing options are available, allowing you to design a folder that truly represents your business.

Take Photos at Local Events and Share Photos on Social Media

When a local event is taking place, be sure to take photographs there and share them on social media later. Many event photographers have the ability to print photos on location to give to customers or guests. This is something you should think about doing to further promote your brand.

Though social media marketing is a successful tactic, if you don’t devise a strategy, you may not see immediate results. Sales and acknowledgement aren’t going to come straight away, and you can’t sit back waiting for a post to go viral. Tailoring your marketing to a particular target audience is beneficial, so make sure to use the social media platform your audience is actively using!

Offer Photo Walk Classes

With your unique photographic style, you likely have many tips and tricks for other upcoming photographers that you wouldn’t mind sharing. Offering photo walk classes will be beneficial to you as well, as it’s another way to promote yourself. Advertise a variety of workshops designed to give customers maximum practical experience, each lesson having specific learning objectives to advance their knowledge of photography techniques and equipment.

You could even join an existing photo walk group. A great one to check out is Adventure Photography and Photo Walks. Here you can meet up with other upcoming photographers, which may help you to make connections.

Start a Blog

Photography is an extremely personal service. If you are an event photographer, your clients are letting you into their lives by trusting you with big moments, which is why they need to feel comfortable hiring you. Setting up a blog is the perfect tool for doing this, as it gives you the opportunity to show who you are, why you are a photographer and the values you provide- and it lets them see your great work! Setting up a photoblog is incredibly easy, so there’s really no excuse not to have one.

Sponsor a Photo Contest in a Local Publication

Becoming a sponsor for a local photo competition can increase brand awareness and engagement; if you want your brand to become more acknowledged, there’s no reason not to get involved in one. There are contests for every target market and as long as you choose one whose objectives align with your own, you’ll find it’ll generate leads.