4 Careers for Creative People

Instead, use your skills to make a name for yourself in a world that appreciates talent and there a number of careers where creativity is the primary requirement. Here are four such career options:

1)   Writing

If you are the maestro of words, make it a point to pick a pen (or a keyboard) and pen your thoughts. Think of some of the biggest writers in recent times, JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer, these creative individuals took years to realize their true potential, and are finding immense success now. If you think you can also do magic with your fingers, then it’s time to start doing it.

You need to see what you write well. You might be good at reporting stories or you might have the talent to write fictional stories. See what you can do well and start doing it.

There are a number of platforms on the internet such as Fiverr and freelancer.com where you can find writing gigs that also pay well. And once you’re big enough, you can write your own manuscript and get it sold.

2) Comedian

If you can make people laugh, then think of being a standup comedian. It might not be the most glorious job on paper, but it does pay where it matters. Making people laugh is one of the hardest jobs and if you’re good at it then why not be paid to do it?

You can start by making vines or recording yourself performing and uploading on YouTube for people to see and encourage you. You can even monetize your YouTube channel and make money off it, while trying to make it big.

3)   Animation

This is a career that needs proper education, in addition to a creative mind. If you’re good with computers, get yourself enrolled and learn animations.

It is a highly paying job and you can make a good amount of money in no time, given that you’re good at it. Experts at Spiel Creative reccomend youth to pick this as a career option as there are a number of jobs available in this field.

4)   Direction

Direction may be one of the hardest careers to pursue, but if you have a nice imagination nothing would be able to stop you from finding success.

You will need a lot of experience, exposure, education and understanding of your audience to be a successful director. It’s a rewarding career, but not an easy one.

In addition to the above mentioned career choices, you may also decide to be a painter or a musician. The key lies in using your creative juices in creating something that everyone applauds.